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how tall is ananbcla after all?

Remember I said how much I think ananbcla reminds me of my high school sweetheart? Earlier today i posted a Facebook entry about a power outage near my favorite restaurant.  Well,  it so happens that the local McDonalds appears to have been affected as well.  Their parking lot is empty and the dining area is dark and abandoned too. This is my chance to take the same picture She on TV4 took as she was probably entering her car. 

If anybody gives a shit,  i eventually had an opportunity to meet my high school sweetheart earlier this year during. Retirement dinner for a mutual acquaintance. Needless to say,  she still rocks my world.  That whole 'love at first sight' thing was churning in my gut all over again.

How should I know if my high school sweetheart truly went on to become a celebrity news investigator, she hardly spoke to me at the dinner.  But to be honest, I didn't behave very chatty myself.  From what I can analyze having taken this picture myself,  ananbcla is short (like my high school sweetheart ex-gf.) So,  where am I going with this? Well, after the dinner,  I was very unnerved that her and I could not hold a regular conversation the way two friends who haven't seen each other in decades might,  in an effort to catch up on each other's lives. I stopped looking left,  right and behind me for any inkling of a possibility that our paths might cross. I figured even if we had been stopped at a corner to cross the street during a red light, she probably wouldn't want to talk to me anyway! So fuck it,  I said to myself. As you can see,  however, I'm still convinced that there is a possibility I use to date a now successful investigative reporter.  

I'm not crazy,  am I? There is a romantic story in here somewhere,  right?

Above, She on TV4 's picture

Exposure #2, Rico 's attempt at same shot

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