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Just saw the film Sherrybaby and thought it had no substance. What kept running through my mind was the nudity and how the FCC would have a field day editing the film for network television; and accomplishing this while still keeping it interesting.
  The story is about a tramp freshly released from prison for stealing. She was desperate for a fix and now Sherry is on the road to recovery because she actually has a daughter of about five or six. As much as I would like to understand what a mother feels when she is separated from her child, Sherry just doesn't seem to want to rehabilitate herself to conquer the challenges of motherhood.
  The drug scenes, which I'm certain will be edited, reinforce the mental problem Sherry must overcome. To edit the sex scenes, which are subtle when a tinge of incest is suggested, is to make Sherry out to be a worthless, careless bitch.
  I guess, because the film isn't as good as The secretary was, if it manages to get a time slot with a major TV network, we'll see how the government regulators will have Americans see Sherry through filtered eyes. I think it would be a lucrative project to write a screenplay with risque scenes containing sexual situations, adult language, and nudity in such a way that if it was to be edited for content, the story might convey a whole new meaning altogether.
  My question is, does the education system really deserve such a harsh blow? In Sherrybaby, a scene where Sherry blows a job placement counselor to obtain a job working with kids, the sexual situations complement Sherry's disposition. You can't really make kids without getting down and dirty, right? Cut away the dirtiness and you have a film that is about a crazy woman with social problems who loves being in an altered state, and because of this characteristic, it isn't known whether she is actually high on drugs at work while providing supervisory care for children in her charge. When I think of the movie in this way, I have to say, it was good. Bravo for those involved.
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