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Batman v Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks is a movie like Adaptation, except the focus is on romance. It's a film that any writer would enjoy as the fantasy of bringing to life the perfect companion comes into play where a writers' perspective on bar hopping to meet new women, and quite frankly dating, could be worse than being interviewed for national TV. The idea that a creative writer could create the ultimate partner, big boobs and a throaty chuckle, or on the other side of the spectrum, tall, dark and handsome with skills in areas from automobile maintenance to house construction and health care to martial arts, speaks volumes to both sides of the sexes.

Ruby Sparks revolves around Calvin's life, who pretty much lives in his head. Socializing is difficult for him in that he cannot find a gf. I wonder, if the main character happened to be an auto mechanic, whether a wider range of audience might have related to this film. However, been that the case then I wouldn't have enjoyed all the scenes involving the writer's manual typewriter. It's 99% certain that mentioning this flick to my riding buddies, people who praise titles like Savages and Batman and Tower heist , might turn out to be a regret, like when I took a dip in a pool without even my skivvies while everyone else wore a bathing suit. I like a good action flick. There will be blood , Transsiberean were good movies, but the only thing I can say I enjoyed about the new Batman film is a scene I haven't seen since 9/11, and that is the wings from a plane being ripped off its body.

Cable TV has a show called Myth busters which goes around disproving outrageous impossibilities in commercial scenes and/or movies. Why haven't they addressed the conspiracy surrounding opinions concerning how an airplane can be completely absorbed into a skyscraper without it's wings falling off.

I saw both flicks' midnight showing, and Ruby Sparks was the one I didn't get drowsy sitting thru.
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