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Garageband software

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Cool couldn't describe how I would've felt if I'd managed to upload a soundbite of me ripping out a tune by W.A.S.P. called MEAN MAN. I just begun to explore one of the bundled programs on my laptop called GarageBand. It can do interesting mixes. I was trying to see if it would print a score page of a music CD. But it seems all it's good for is podcasting and composing digital music. Blah.
  Then, at work, fiddling around with it, I thought I might have stumbled on another cool feature that would allow me to separate the music instruments (like a karaoke thing) so I could listen to only one instrument to a song at a time. THAT would be helpful for me.
  All I've managed to accomplish this short weekend was recording of MEAN MAN and identifying where my mistakes are located in the solos, coda, etc. Thanks to wikipedia, I've just discovered m4a is and audio extension of mp4 which is the new version of mp3. The link for MEAN MAN, my rendition, must be downloaded as I haven't yet learned how to add a stream to my blog. The recorded soundbite is in m4a format. I cannot find where my iTunes software will convert it to MP3. That sucks too.
  So, my techy brain is thinking, since I didn't sell my old laptop, maybe I can use SoundBlaster software to convert the file into the MP3 format most computers can recognize. I'm fantasizing right now that some stranger will read my blog, listen to the file, and say, "hey, that dude can play. I wonder if he'd like to join my band."
  That could make me skip to my Lou to places that I would normally drag myself to if I had a big enough cause. I don't really drag my feet. I just pretend I'm blind, and every time I get into my car to take myself some place, lo and behold a miracle takes place that restores my vision.
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