Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

I guess I owe my friends an explanation

Nobody likes browsing their f-list to stumble onto what looks like spam. I personally never liked all the ads on the los_angeles community that xianvox posted on a regular basis. Those annoying ads take up so much space, it makes skimming friend entries seem like they're sponsored by some sort of berserk conglomerate.

While there is an easier way of embedding a server-side font I like so much, I dont know how it is done. Somehow it isn't the same thing when I use courier fonts while typing and trying to format my writing this way. Plus! even if I did, by some miracle, manage to succeed in building a blog in which entries can look like the typed pages I've scanned and uploaded, i would need to have an antique typewriter USB keyboard. With technology, one cannot win. So, I am going to take the easier route, which also haps to be the more arduous. I will figure out what to do when I run out of memory to upload these .JPG files later. For now, I hope my readers aren't too teed off at me.

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