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Don't you love listening to podcast news. Today I was listening to a segment analyzing the destruction left behind by hurricane Katrina. When this storm hit in August 2005, I remember pondering this question. How was New Orleans named? Jumbling the letters around, I tried to come up with any possible European connection to the term Orleans because surely, if there is a New Orleans, then there should be an old (or original) Orleans.
  Instead of researching the topic on the Internet, I concluded that the name must've been created using pig latin, or a half-cocked version of it. I came up with Eleanor, as in Eleanor of Aquitaine. It seems to me that pig latin for Eleanor could be Orlean, and since there aren't too many famous Eleanors in history—at least before the Louisiana Purchase was made, in 1803—I am content with my own silly answer.
  Just got through watching V for vendetta. I thought it was good. I have a tendency to enjoy films that have bits of history that I can ooh at. Guy Fawkes turns up a lot of text in Google.
  I still have eight exposures on my camera. Gees, I remember when I was more than enthusiastic to go around taking photos. Now, I swear, if it isn't a feeling that I'm being watched, then it's a sensation that I'll find myself at the center of a newsbreaking event (good or bad) in which I'll either become disoriented in what my subject is, or a cop, thinking I'm holding a pistol, will shoot me when I don't respond to commands to put the gun down. Vivid imaginations suck.

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