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I stumbled onto a bit of news regarding new library bonds. Although I don`t think I`ll go, there is a community meeting scheduled for June 29, 2005 addressing the Pre-Schematic Design of the architectural plans. Well one thing is certain, I hope they make plans to alleviate some elbow space for their computer terminals. A few of the smaller branches have their computer set up in such a way that neighboring computer users are giving each other lap dances.

The new location for the Silver Lake library is 2411 Glendale Blvd. Currently their is nothing but a vacant lot their. There use to be a gas station. I remember it well because one day I was riding my bike to the park and I had one of those old, classic ten-speeds which have the real thin tires. I didn`t see the storm drain grill and simply rode over it, parallel with the grills. Well, the front tire slipped thru and I went flying head first. A kind man filling up saw the action and came to make sure I wasn`t seriously injured. I turned out okay, though my right wrist is double jointed now. I noticed it in the morning when I get out of bed by pushing myself up with my hands against the edge of the bed and my wrist cracks. I think I`m also prone to carpal tunnel.

I used to think tab indexing was a cool term for browsers and couldn`t wait to see how it worked. It figures to be just another feature that requires "mouse" movement. If somebody could invent an easier way to navigate on a page full of links, preferably with the left hand (I love my tab button), please let me know. But back to the subject. To subscribe to the monthly progress of stages in the building process, a person really needs to download manually the .pdf Branch Library Construction Program Monthly Progress Report from this page.

On a totally different subject. Everytime time I think of the number 18 or even get a call from a telephone number affiliated with 18, I become very contemplative.
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