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Bier de Stone

The unlikely possibility that a dark film will make the rounds as a limited release too good to pond

The film is Nice guy, an idea for a short about a man who has committed a terrible act of violence. Looking up the title results in nothing less than imdb results for similar titles (Nice guy Johnny, and Nice guys, and Mr Nice Guy). Explains Clerkin, "We shot that, got back and it looked so beautiful... We decided to go away and write about who this guy was" and "it's dark,"

Yet to secure a distribution deal, I am regularly googling updates of keywords nice guy to keep abreast of US premiers* near Los Angeles where I can be one of the first people to blog my review of it. Other than that, the only thing the Internet is good for is to keep tabs on the development progress of a fuel cell phone charger that will be able to recharge a phone without depending on an electrical wall socket. Kind of a catch 22 when I think about it, seeing as I mostly drain my phone because I'm always online in the first place

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