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I can't find a MPAA rating for an animation flick The haunted world of El Superbeasto. The official website doesn't look like it'll pass a G inspection. I haven't seen a good animation `toon since the I went to the Int'l Animated Film Fest (years ago).
  Today's LA Times had a story in §E10, Keeping 2-D cartoons Alive in a 3-D World by Carrie Antlfinger. This is where I read about the post production of Rob Zombie's next film project. If it's anything like House of 1,000 Corpses, I'm there. I thought only foreign cartoons could ever be bold enough to be labeled PG13 (or possibly R). If there's any indication that I should be copyrighting the illustrations in my blog (for use later as story board/brainstorming concepts in LOOKING BACK, then the news about a small time independent film studio trying to bring back old fashion hand crafted celluloid animation should be my cue.
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