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miki and me

I don't know if I mentioned it several weeks ago, but after having participated in the retirement celebration for Ruth, i completely forgot to say goodbye to Miki Lim, from the Pio Pico Koreatown Branch Library. I only remember saying farewell to the nearest group of people sitting at the table where I found a seat.

Well, I just have to say meeting her was life changing. Such a nice, caring person. Kind of reminds me of my mother, seeing her seated here next to me at the reception. I guess one can't dwell on the past, and mistakes like that will always be made by me as I can be quite forgetful at times.

I try. So much had been going thru my head at that precise moment, I wouldn't doubt a part of my brain just blanked. While I do feel bad about it, it doesn't change the fact that I'm glad I was able to meet Miki. And that she turned out to be such a nice lady.

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