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OHH, jfk (jesus fucking krist), i just ate an entire deep dish pizza all by myself

My normal routine started fair enough with a coffee and a few cookies (kookys) for breakfast. BTW, i have begun to use the ol' espresso machine. I fill up my cup about 3/4 ways full with milk, and nuke it. Meanwhile, the espresso machine is switched on to warm up. YOU know what happens? I blow a fuse! so i gotta go outside to the breaker box, switch on & off the switch that blew, and try to heat up my milk/heat up the espresso machine all over again. This goes on for about three times.

For lunch i had a canned clam chowder soup, with ritz crackers. Yum.

Tomorrow i plan to ride out to deer lodge with friends and you can bet i'll be eating tge lightest salad they have. Gees, i think i scorched my cheeks, not to mention the roof of my mouth, eating the pizza while it was still hot.

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