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RIP Nora Ephron

I can't sleeo, so I decided to listen to some talk radio. That's how I heard Nora Ephron has passed away after a struggle with leukemia. I remember when I first saw You've got mail. I was quite fond of that movie. Perhaps the timing of the making and release of that movie was a factor, because now, when I think about it, that movie seems to have gotten old quick.

When I first subscribed to Internet, I had a Mac and my ISP was a dial up account. Back then, the only thing possible on an apple performa 450 was online chatting. I use to think I would meet somebody, and so when the movie came out highlighting this fantasy of mine, I was impressed.

Now I shudder at the thought of meeting somebody new thru txting. I get it ask the time in dating sites, girls asking for my yahoo account. WTF? Whatever happened to good old fashioned voice conversation? Given, nobody wants to spend too much time with a cell phone up close to their ear, and I can see the logic there. But I have to say, I can see hundreds of pictures of prospective partners. It doesn't prove that I might still texting a dude at the other end. Thing is, IMO, society has become do crudely insensitive and approaching a women who catches you're eye could be disastrous if she is not a match for your personality. I don't know about anybody else, but women don't care anymore about letting down an interested man gently. I could be wrong, always twisting things out of proportion, but while using dating sites may seem easier than biting the bullet at the grocery market by approaching attractive women with a proposition for phone number exchanges, the disappointment still lingers.

Oh, btw, the segment I was listening to on the radio was saying something about Nora being an evangelical Christian bigot. I want to be that.
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