Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

The sun is turning black

My dark side decided to wait until 12 midnite to go out to Pinks and buy myself dinner, afterwhich I would drive out to the Sunset Strip. Actually, I wanted to do this at the witching hour, 3:15, but I was hungry. So, I leave at 11:30, get to Pinks by 12, and I'm out of there by 12:30.
  Arrive at the billboard for CSI, I find that I won't be having parking difficulties, which was really my whole purpose for going out there so late. A couple passersby notice my camera. The first lady asks why there's so many people out tonight. Not realizing who she's referring to, it's always packed on the Sunset Strip, she assumes I am the Paparazzi.

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