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the rock lizard

i dont know what kind of reptile this lizard is as my expertise ends at the alligator lizard species.  This little critter was basking at the Costco parking a few weeks ago.  She had a little stub for a tail, but it seems to have been doing a lot better in the wild than my iguana is in captivity.

i want to get a closer snap shot, but lizards can be  so swift and agile, i didnt want to spook it back into the bushes.  i may or may not have tried zooming in, but with all the doodads on my new fangled smart phone, by the time i figure out how something is done, the moment is gone.  That's why i'm sitting here typing an entry which normally would never have found its way on my lj.  Practice, practice, practice.

My lj mobile app, the free one, really sucks in that it formats my parahraphs wrong.  I find myself trying to adjust my writing habits to accommodate the little glitches in the Android version of the lj free app.  How I miss iOS.  But, I've gotta hand it to 4G technology...

But what is technology worth really?  I have a speed pass for filling up with gas at Mobile stations, and just today, I find myself factoring which gas i should buy, as I literally was at a corner that had a 76 and a Shell, with equal prices as the Mobile.  I remember I have the speed pass and pull into the Mobile. 

Not two minutes pass from making my decision and pumping gas, and I totally forget about the speed pass dangling from my keys.  Out of habit, i swipe my Visa card.

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