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"I always feel that everything around me is part of the movie of my life"

Motion pictures seem bleek until something gets made, here in America, that Elina Lowensohn holds a major part in; although, I would suffer subtitles and drowsiness -- like when I turned on closed captioning for TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY -- in a foreign film if I knew I would see great footage of Elina. Im sorry, but TINKER TAILOR was a snoozefest. Trying to read the cc on that movie only put me in a comatose state quicker, but I did sit thru it two more times. The third time was the charmer.

I really enjoyed the movie Fay Grim. I can watch that film over and over again. When I do feel in the mood for a Fay Grim marathon, it's Elina Lowensohn's character that I'm always visualizing as Ana Garcia. So today i find this picture of her on her Facebook account (ananbcla).

"I would look happier, but a woman on my flight from lax to Istanbul would not sit down and after an hour of this the flight attendants tackled her and tied her with plastic handcuffs to the seat, so we could land. Welcome to turkey"

If i could include the link to this entry, I would. For what it's worth, it's the entry dated May 31, 2012. The quote above comes directly from the facebook caption. Now then, if you're familiar with the movie Fay Grim, then you know parts of the movie was filmed in Instanbul. That's Turkey, I think. Pardon my paranoia, but after a couple of rare FB entries myself (i hardly ever use facebook), I've been anticipating some men-in-black encounters myself. This feels less stressful.
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