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49 days until Sturgis

I got about 3 hours sleep last night.

No reason for the restlessness, other than perhaps the frapuccino I had for dinner. Today was laundry day, so being awake before dawn worked out well. Now if I could just coax myself out of bed to get some writing done.

I'm all set for Sturgis. I have a new t-bag i bought earlier this week, and the only thing missing is an air mattress. I wonder how the tee-bag got its name, and I'm wondering if it might be from using the piece of luggage to carry tee shirts in.

I still want to get an idea of how I'm going to pack everything for the trip, but without the air mattress, this would be pointless. I found a bunch of double A batteries, so I'm considering making some space for that and a digital camera. It is sad that any pix I might take with it would be impossible to upload as real time updates to my blog or facebook.

It's probably a bit dark of me to be looking forward to having no electricity, and in South Dakota without a phone. Just me and nature, is what this trip should be about.

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