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Half a dozen+ police squad cars at the library

A sign at the library which reads "safe haven" may be attracting an unusual type of reader. Yesterday, armed police walked into the library who apparently stashed a gun somewhere within the book shelves in the children's section. That must be one of my greatest fears; getting shot by a child with a gun who thinks he's playing with a toy. But, according to the manager, revolvers, which this abandoned gun was, have a fairly stiff trigger.

Parked outside, completely blocking the street was a consortium of police cars. I wanted to take a picture, but I'm not stupid enough to pull out my secret spy phone that fires two rounds, not to mention the obsurd 'no pictures' rule in the library. There's so much I would like to comment on at work sometimes, like the increase in chicano related awareness participation, but none of it is good. I had very little assistance when I needed, and look at me. I turned out well enough, though a bit archaic.

The name of the day yesterday was Choriso, the nickname belonging to one of the culprits. I don't really know the youth by name who come into the library. I use to, but after you see how they disintigrate in front of you... I just can't memorize who they all are. Sadly, it takes a major unruliness to accomolish this.
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