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Why i choose to pay $16 to watch a PG13 film

Moonrise Moonrise Kingdom is PG13. It is a film like The little rascals and Lord of the flies all rolled into one. The difference is probably in the interaction that the main characters have with adults, a collective cast of memorable actors. I simply don't recall ever seeing too many scenes with adult actors in either "Lords... " or "... Rascals". I want to say that the age range of characters are a bit more mature than those in the film classics mentioned, but I might be wrong. The story takes place in the 1965, if I'm not mistaken, and I recall a character in "The little rascals" named Alfalfa who was a typical lady's man, always finding himself in romantic scenes involving girls. Moonrise too has similar scenes that define the entire plot of the love story between Sam Stachulski and Suzy Bishop.

Last week I came in touch with an old friend from my childhood. There are a few scenes from "Moonrise" that had me thinking about my own first encounter with a girlfriend, such as my very first french kiss. This was so long ago, I had to ask my childhood friend whether she remembered how long our relationship had lasted, and according to her, it was about the duration of her sixth or seventh grade year, my eigth or nineth. It was a time of confusion where middle schools were introducing grade six into their grade levels and high schools were adopting grade nine into theirs, not to mention the whole year-round school semesters I had to endure before I finally got myself expelled from school. So you see, I related well about a film of troubled children anxious to run away and experience real life. Sam and Suzy's Moonrise Kingdom was my ex-gf and my own's bamboo patch.

My viewpoint on the current releases playing at my fav theaters
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