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So there I am, on the sunset strip, handling an old Olympus 35mm camera that I am desperate to empty exposures with because I want my pictures. After taken some requests for a shot of CSI's billboard, I realize, this is going to be a bitch. That billboard is dark and meant to have been photographed in the middle of the night with artificial lighting, something this amateur photographer/hobbyist doesn't care to obtain.
    So I'm there at different times of the day. I can't seem to get an angle on the CBS ad for CSI. Then I realize there's a stripper adjusting the sign at the strip club by the entrance wearing a thong, and possibly a skimpy top, or just nipple buttons. I'm too far to see. Talk about walking on the wrong side of the road.
    At this point I feel either cross-eyed focusing my camera on the wrong attraction, or perverted, hanging out across the street from a strip joint hounding the staff. Neither of which are accurate descriptions I should clarify. Well…
    The job is a night shot because the billboard is set at night with the cast of CSI doing their imitation of the Beatles' Abbey Road LP cover in the dark of night. I think I have now four or five exposures that I'm not pleased with, and am considering returning after dark (one of these days.)

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