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I made it thru the week, though i didn't have an opportunity to melt at the sight of sub who laughs

And so I make my own amusement by putting together this outline if a Screenplay: Guillemette
- [-] 1. Opening Image (1)
    - [+] a. Same face as final image, but younger.
    - [ ] b. At the same time as comparing similarities to the facial
          features, lots has changed in that the young MC doesn't
          appear in the slightest to be the same person
    - [ ] c. Whereas the antagonist doesn't really posses much change from
          adolescent to adulthood.
- [ ] 2. Theme Stated (5)
          Reincarnation is probably not such a ludicrous idea when one
          considers how treachery throughout the ages have managed to
          keep the flame of revenge hidden inside the hearts of people
          who have been hurt. 
    - [ ] a. Post WWII, the next generation
        - [ ] a. Eisenburg youth hunt down the offspring of Nazi war
              criminals who managed to escape persecution and spread
              their seed
            - [ ] a. Same concept as Nazi hunters meets Nazi youth,
                  whereas Nazi youth were being trained to hate and
                  kill, Nazi hunters raised their own youth to hunt and
- [ ] 3. Set Up (1-10)
    - [ ] a. MC's taste in music glorifies hate in discriminatory fashion
              You might see this in his blogging style, using the
              handle of "Slavezombie"
    - [ ] b. Little things, like a fly that finds it's way into the house,
          make MC explode in anger
    - [ ] c. Upon breaking up with gf, MC makes an effort to live a
          celebate life style just until he can prove to himself that
          he can indeed control his urges of sex
    - [ ] d. He has no mercy for a fly that appears to be praying with its
          hands as that is the perfect opportunity for MC to flick it
          dead with his finger.
- [ ] 4. Catalist (12)
    - [ ] a. MC feels a need to seek enlightenment through loud music
        - [ ] a. He doesn't realize that Deirdre also saw a need of having
              music in her life and their tastes are very similar
    - [ ] b. MC is called by his nickname around the work place
              His nickname is Bier de Stone
- [ ] 5. Debate (12-25)
    - [ ] a. Confusion ensues in the present when a co-worker friend
          confides in MC about something disturbing he witnessed
    - [ ] b. More confusion around the identity of MC as his character is
          depicted as Henry in his youth, which nobody would suspect.
- [ ] 6. Break into two (25)
    - [ ] a. Deirdre's target works in at a small independent publication
          and she must put to use all those years of schooling to land
          a job there
        - [ ] a. Whether Deirdre knows that her target is Henry doesn't
              really matter at this point
        - [ ] b. Her band of misfit punk rock sisters encourage her to be
              true to their cause
        - [ ] c. They are a Nazi youth hunter band that want to bring
              their version of history to fruition
                  They believe the concept of a Hitler youth was
                  nothing more than Nazi war criminals escaping
                  persecution for their crimes and living out their
                  lives as a family man, with a loving wife and
            - [ ] a. Their job is to expose the offspring of war
                  criminals, yet not link their discovery with the
                  band, which is undercover
    - [ ] b. Deirdre becomes the rebelious character in the story, though
          we don't know why she rebels so much
- [ ] 7. B Story (30)
    - [ ] a. The butterfly flutters past her ear and makes a distinct
          flutter noise that Deirdre interprets as the butterfly's way
          of speaking to her
        - [ ] a. Her sense of hearing is developed by starting a hard rock
        - [ ] b. Deirdre is the antagonist who numbs herself from
              emotional attachment so that she could pursue an extended
              education in history
- [ ] 8. Fun and Games (30-55)
    - [ ] a. Deirdre learns what Bier's real name is
              It's a stupid and unusual story that juxtaposes Bier's
              ability to flick a fly dead with that of the spanish
              phrase "Adar mate al mosca" which translate literally as
              "to kill the fly" but is meant to imply finishing up
              one's alcoholic beverage. Bier's personality resembles
              that of a drunken poet.
    - [ ] b. Bier starts his own business on the side in which he changes
          his name to Henry S. Bier. Get it? Henry's beer.
              Henry S. Bier is assumed to be protagonists name. No
              reference should be made other than the audience putting
              the pieces together
- [ ] 9. Midpoint (55)
    - [ ] a. MC feels like he's losing his mind.
        - [ ] a. Middle age can do funny things to a person
                  This falls under MC's mid life crisis
            - [ ] a. Not the rebelious type, he finds an outlet to his
                  recluse kind of lifestyle by following the steps of
                  graffiti artists who dangle their cute teddy bears on
                  electrical lines
                      He paints happy faces on rooftops so that people
                      can see his work from satellite images
- [ ] 10. Bad guys close in (55-75)
    - [ ] a. Deirdre also encounters the first signs of PMS
- [ ] 11. All is lost (75)
    - [ ] a. This is the realization that the protagonist becomes aware of
          in his obsessiveness over something he can never obtain
        - [ ] a. He lived his life blindly seeing the beauty in women who
              were not compatible with him just to keep his mind off
        - [ ] b. He was infatuated with a girl with short black hair that
              is key to the epiphany of Deirdre's mom with similar hair.
            - [ ] a. He honestly didn't make the connection of being in
                  love with the likeness of Deirdre's mom until…
- [ ] 12. Dark night of the soul (75-85)
    - [ ] a. As a result of being incapable of making it in journalism as
          a household name, he starts becoming insane
        - [ ] a. he manages to one day flick a tired, old common housefly
              with his finger and thinks he can kill any fly the same
        - [ ] b. he chases flies when they enter his house flicking at
              them in the living room, flicking at them in the kitchen
        - [ ] c. Eventually, he comes up with a system to execute flies
              without a fly swatter
            - [ ] a. He lures them into a tiny hallway in his house of
                  which there is no escape
            - [ ] b. In that cell like room, he can wait for the fly to
                  land against a wall and flick it dead
- [ ] 13. Break into three (85)
    - [ ] a. While MC tries all his life to make ammends so that his life
          has meaning, antagonist approaches her plight from a totally
          different direction
    - [ ] b. Antagonist is smarter than MC
    - [ ] c. MC followed his heart
- [ ] 14. Finale (85-110)
    - [ ] a. The happy face that MC draws on rooftops becomes symbolic of
          opening image in that it is a simple happy face, like the one
          he had as a youth, though miserable, riding in a car full of
          girls interested in a girls night out type of good time.
              It also becomes symbolic of the final image in that it is
              painted in blood during his last few minutes of life
- [ ] 15. Final Image (110)
    - [ ] a. An obscurred bloody face
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