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Laughing girl

Alan Alda, from M.A.S.H. fame, had a contagious laugh, full of gusto. Whenever I tuned in to the sitcom, and Hawkeye laughed, it was sure to be funny (the situation). That seems like a hundred years ago, and in between then and now, intoxicating laughter has probably gone thru some changes. That signature laugh, however, brings to mind my pre-drinking age experimental substance abuse when a neighbor of mine, big, tough, and very much into partying with drugs... thought it fitting to adopt Alan Alda's laughing style, and all I can remember when I would hear Alan Alda coming out of his mouth is "Why isn"t anybody saying anything about how stupid he sounds?"

A few decades after that, when I finally finished with college and found a steady job, I became fascinated with one of my co-workers whose laughter contained a lowering of her voice. I don't know how else to describe it other than to say she had a low, throaty laugh. Then, around 2004, she took another job, got married, had kids, and is probably struggling to get back to her comfortable weight. So, the deep/low voice in her throat, when laughing, kind of fits her body structure now. I kind of miss the way she would express herself, after completing one of the arduous tasks at work, with an explosive "Finished!"

That was very cute.

Last week I met a new clerk whom accesses freelance work within the library department as a substitute whenever one of the regular full time clerks is on vacation, sick, etc. She is waify and cute as hell. Black hair, fair skin, and very uppidy. When she laughs, whether it be a nervous chuckle being on the job for only a short time, or a genuine expression of something she thinks is funny, she lowers her voice. I guess a fair comparison might be Beavis & Butthead's chuckle, a sound that is not uncontrolled laughter, but a significant expression of something considered funny in which the chuckler can either let loose and create a laugh originating from the diaphram and quite contagious, or he can let it stand by itself. I may have gone too much into detail there, but when you replace Butthead's face (and body) with a sexy little lady, it's damn cute.

We get a variety of different subs now that one of the regular clerks is on maternity leave. My stalking personality has me checking the work schedule for who's who, because I need something to keep me going rather than checking the work schedule for newbs who may need me to type them out a time sheet. And, surprise surprise! I get to see her again this week. I won't say when, because people I know sometimes really do read this, and I won't say who, because I don't need to be asked to exclude real people from my imaginative writing. In a perfect world, I would be able to take my 15-minute break with this person and film a short video when I make her laugh.


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