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bbq saturday.  May 22.  Awkward how I remember family gatherings being, what with my dad being the social loudmouth letting the booze do most of the talking.  Welp, like father, like son (I guess).
It was my neice's graduation celebration.  That's her, fifth in the list.

I probably had a lot more to say... but I pressed a wrong button on my phone and my HTC EVO wiped it all out.  Just as well, too.  I'm still feeling a bit buzzed from the rum and jaeggermeister I've been drinking alone.  And people tell me it's bad to drink alone.  WTF, nobody drinks anymore.  me neither.
Who knew that drinking was bad for your health.  For me, it seems the major problem with drinking is my kidney.  Although I don't know what it is to be on dialysis, I can still feel the weight of a stone in my gut when my kidneys put their foot down to say "what the fuck is this you're giving me to process?!"
Good times, just the same.  Another of these is being considered for June, when my nephew will go away to college at UCLA.  This next one will also have wood-fired pizza on the menu.  I went outa my way to make a last minute liquor run for 7-up and jaeggermeister (wish I knew how to spell that).  I just don't keep my fridge stocked up with this stuff like I do pizza ingredients.  Anyways, by then, one of my nephews will have reached the legal drinking age.  Hopefully, I will be able to convince a friend from work to join us in the festivities, so I don't end up drinking alone like I did today.  Dad won't drink with me.  No hard feelings, either, but there's just to much shit between us to set aside differences for something like that.
I don't know if I really want to be drinking with my brothers-in-law.  Nope, it serms my only chance of salvation, as far as drinking buddies go, is my co-worker.  Good luck with that, right?


NOTE!  I better uolaod this before my ohone deletes it again.  Hmn, here we go

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