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pucker up

This is an algea eater.  His name is Catfish.  Currently, he's been living in a 10 gallon tank with a few guppies.  I kind of feel bad for him (her) because the 35 gallon tank I raised him in sprung a leak and he's had to adopt to his current cramped quarters.


He's a big sucker.  He's quite friendly and doesn't spook easily unless he's being gawked at by an observer.  But I can tap at the glass where he suctions his mouth and he will stay put.  Even while I siphon the water for filtration with a tubular contraption that works much like a vacuum cleaner -- and nobody likes the way vacuum cleaners stir everything up -- Catfish will still remain still as I vacuum underneath him.  That's bravery.

He has weird looking pupils on his eyeballs.  They truly aren't your regular, everyday eyes.  Perhaps one day I will show them in another entry.  In this picture he has just finished making a request for replenishment of the water level, so here I am waiting for the dechlorinating chemicals to fully activate in the bucket of water I've prepared.


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