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Bier de Stone

Screen capture your EVO 3D phone

I kept seeing screenshots of my EVO 3D phone appear in the image gallery but I couldnt figure out how I was doing it. Today I finally asked somebody I knew who owns an Android phone, but he didnt know either. I decided to google "how to capture screenshot of my android phone" and I read a few complicated procedures that involved downloading Android SDK file, connecting the USB to a PC, etc. I also stumbled upon Android apps that were available for download for about $3-4.00

I knew I was somehow pressing some key combination on my phone--I could even hear the shutter sound effect when a screenshot was taken accidentally--I just couldnt figure it out. I rephrased my query to google as "how am I taking screenshots on my EVO" and I discovered I was not alone. Apparently, others have been having screenshots mysteriously appear in their picture folder. Finally I find the response I'm looking for. Exclusively EVO 3D, my phone came equipped with the ability to capture the screen by holding down the ON button while simultaniously pressing the HOME button.


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