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Thx again for the heartless blessing

In these troubled times, I always say an American is either for or against the war. There is no middle ground. American's aren't taught to be neutral. I read an article about marriage, that had no mention of war, in Forbes. See article about making a career woman your spouse,
Don't marry career women
I've spent half my life in bewilderment about the small things that irritated the first girl I ever fell in love with. It's obvious to me that small things can mean a great deal to individuals at a young age, and as a person ages, his/her tolerance for nuissance is improved.
  I can only imagine what it must be like. I've yet to find a single woman who fills that gap in my heart which still sparks for my long lost love. Most men would settle for a sexy woman who is great in bed. Hell, I would settle for that, but most people entering relationships with the opposite sex, I find, are defensive.
  Honestly, I think all women are prone to cheat on their husbands. Career women have little to do with that aspect. It is a beautiful woman's curse to be mistrusted and, as far as I can see, it's the uneducated beauties that a man might find easier to keep tabs on. When I read the rebuttal on Michael's scientific research on the subject, there wasn't an inkling of heart felt sincerity supporting the assurance that one should marry a career woman if one desires. I thought woman were all about love. I was probably wrong. According to Michael Noer, it's the man who want's to raise a family with children, and the "career" woman who is never pleased with it.
  The other day, somebody told me to find myself an educated woman to court. College, apparently, is a courting ranch. I was also advised to pick the nurses out of the herds. I don't know why, but I've always had the impression that nurses are the horniest of women on the face of the earth, next to prostitutes. I agreed with my intellectual co-worker, and added, if I ever made my nurse wife angry, she would know how to make my demise look like an accident, or death seem by natural causes. To this, my friend said, "Yeah. You gotta treat her nice."
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