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Whenever I feel the need to speak to my therapist, it seems like a good idea to call my HMO and schedule an appointment. Of course, there are so many messed up people out there to keep my therapist busy and without an opening for me that, by the time my actual appointment comes around, I don't want to come anywhere near a psychologist. I feel like I would have to relive the harrowing ordeal that prompted me to seek therapy in the first place all over again.

So, how do I look at the situation in a positive light? I could write down the whole thing so that by the time I actually get some face time with the good doctor, I would know what I'm actually trying to say. I think it is true that anger can inhibit one's judgment, and if I had been able to see a therapist when I was fuming and nervous and confused and any other emotion all mixed into one, only gibberish would have come out of my mouth.
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