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  I picked up a Venus Flytrap at Home Depot. I think it cost 4.97. They're so small. As soon as I returned home I transplanted it into a larger pot. It's still pretty small. For decoration, I placed the pot in a ceramic vase in the likeness of a cross-eyed, cartoon dracula. I didn't know how to get the plant transferred into an old fishbowl, and I originally wanted to have my halloween green friend in a tank. That idea may still happen when summer ends. By then, I will have emptied the fish tank of fish.
  For now, the plant is getting about 3 or 4 hours of needed direct sunlight. The vase sits inside a fish bowl. So in the halloween spirit, I have a new plant in a vase shaped like the face of a vampire who got decapitated when he tried to pass himself off as an astronaut. Am I psycho, or what? Really, answer the question.
  I'm watching the news on my favorite local network and can't help myself from feeling invaded. If you watch the channel 4 news at 6:00, Fred Roggin pushes the show The Challenge for free plasma TV giveaways. I want one. I think these plasmas are also big screens. I never win these Internet contests, so why bother. If the stakes are raised and I can get Ana to pop out of my Mitsubishi TV if I win, then I'll definitely give it a shot.
  Yeah, it's a little far fetched and immature. But you know, I seemed to have misplaced a certain certificate of acknowledgment that I completed a term of jury duty this year, and as much as I love doing my part as an American citizen, this DOCUMENT was definitely to be treated like gold (to get me out of another possible summons within the year). I'll be damned if I don't have little elves hiding somewhere in this house taking my stuff and watching me go crazy looking for it. So I honestly do wish I had my act together. For now, however, I can only amuse myself by drawing little, dumb AMERICAN MADE cartoons to keep a smile on my face through all this craziness.

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