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Oh, hell no.

Hells yeah… I guess. As a result of the cutbacks years ago, one of the employees where I work was let go. When that happened, things were getting hostile between a certain clique at work and myself. I couldn't pin point the cause of the hostility if I tried, but I do know that when the downsizing went into effect, life became so much easier at work.

Columbians. I dunno very many of them. I wonder whether they all have the same aggravating personality that can crawl under one's skin. I have blogged about the peanuts gang creator, Charles Schulz, in previous entries when one of my Co-workers by the same name was still working here. I doubt whether I could remember if my blog entries were good or bad. Schulz wasn't all bad and there was a time when I felt it appropriate to bring a souvenir back from San Francisco's Chinatown. A forty dollar wind chime. That was a bit too much for somebody who could aggravate a person as much as Schulz could taunt and tease me. But seeing as it was something requested, as I remember it, I went out of my way. I am definitely not the type of person who thinks of others when I'm on vacation. I don't do souvenir shopping, is what I'm saying.

I guess that right there was a sign.

What on earth could've impelled me to pick up a wind chime? I mean, I could use a doorbell at my house, but if you saw the number of guests I receive, you too might agree that picking up a wind chime for my front door might lighten things up a bit if only to announce the lingering spirits trying to get in my house.

Today Schulz visits old Co-workers. There is two sections of the building where I work. One is the public area, the other is the staff area. Nobody is allowed beyond the "employees only" door which leads to the staff area, and yet there Schulz is, using the staff restroom and chatting it up with former Co-workers. Incidently, not a word came my way; so you can see just how things were left just as hostile after Schulz left the library several years back. I am contemplating bringing this up with my supervisor. Although I rarely receive visitors who are former co-workers, I do see the occasional person who I use to work with even before the formation of the clique I'm going to name the rasa folk. So when my ol' former Co-workers do come around, I can't be letting them into the staff room to pee, and shit. No pun. Its just slightly unfair that one ex-city employee has managed to creep thru the cracks because I felt it wasn't my place to say "excuse me. You cannot be in here".
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