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I am healthy and sounds, but mad as hell

I can't stand it when people, especially me, are victims of scams. I just noticed that my cell phone provider has been overcharging me for something I did not purchase. I recently noticed the overcharge from various third party companies dating back to December 2011. In total, I think the charges have accumulated to the amount of $75.

The cell phone company has been kind enough to make minor adjustments to my bill, and by that I mean to say that they have blocked any further short number text messages from coming thru as well as subtracting the most current unauthorized charges. What has me seeing red is the fact that this isn't the first time that I am victim to these fraud charges. Before I upgraded my phone, I was charged by a third party company which I brought to Sprint's attention. They handled it similarly with the impression that they were assuring me that a block on my number would prevent any future attempts by third party companies from billing me for services I never authorized.

My question is what fucking changed? Just because I upgrade my phone, extend my contact and add a new plan doesn't mean I am not still under the impression that the customer service assistance I received in the previous dispute has changed or disappeared. The first time I was overcharged, I noticed it late and ended up having to pay out of my own pocket. This time is different, IMO, because of the reassurance I received by their customer service department that my account had been blocked from this kind of hacking.

I want to leave Sprint now, as soon as my contact is up, but I rely on the unlimited data too much. Its unfortunate no other service provides that, but I'm fucking mad. I shouldn't have signed up for paperless billing and automatic payment since the customer service department is so corrupt. I'm going back to paper billing and turned off auto payment. I will not be a happy customer from this point forward if I'm stiffed with the bill for $75! as far as I know, I'm in good health and I thank the powers that be for my fortunate condition. All I need now is a discovery that my new smart phone is the cause of brain tumors. I hope that's not the case, but nothing else can explain the way I felt the need to blow my cool with the credit card company refusing to investigate my claim. WTF… if the credit card company is going to take the stand that my cell phone provider did nothing wrong, then the credit card representative better be ready for an adult conversation with all the profanity the English language has to offer. Motherfucker.
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