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This is a picture of Christine Devine. She is a popular news anchor on fox 11 news. I found this picture of her some time ago and if you look at the entire picture, which I probably botched when I tried to shop some slices, you will see something in the background. I sliced this picture for compactness, but the real focal point here is the woman in the background. She looks like Ana Garcia. Since She is constantly taking group pictures with her 'good news' women, I'm inclined to suspect this picture might be an early photo of her before she became such a symbolic personality as a news reporter
There is no way of knowing for sure whether this is Ana Garcia in the background wearing the black dress, white high heals and the price tag dangling from her right arm, but whenever I see somebody who looks like this (not with a price tag on her clothes), I wonder if it could be her. Hair color and length is usually what prompts this whim, so you can understand how easily the backs of people's heads can remind me of She of TV4
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