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I should really buy a lottery ticket

Everyday of every waking moment, I think of She on TV4. I've scoured the Internet for any and all information about her, though I draw the line at stalking. In fact, on those rare occasions that I go shopping to splurge on new clothes, I try to pick her out from the crowd even though I know the odds that She would be where I am is 1000 to 1. She has a twitter account in which she posted this picture taken from an Android phone. Come on! That's just across the street from where I live.

Wait for it... wait for it. Wait for it. Here it comes. A tear.

Maybe I can look at it in a positive way. My luck is getting better.

I always feel that everything around me is part of the movie of my life. MyLA didn't say it was pretty.

-per ananbcla!/AnaNBCLA/status/182949004789813249
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