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the ides of march

This is the perfect occasion to prove my point that people follow the blind. I've always held that the date in which we live in is a toss up. In other words, a bank teller can explain to me what day today is, but why should I believe him/her? Because a late deposit will result in a low balance threshold charge, of course.

I'm an avid reader of Doonesbury. I don't have a subscription to the Times newspaper, however, and when I'm not at work, I read the comic strip online at slate dot com. Today was confusing because the newspaper reads as shown above in the picture I took of todays Los Angeles Times newspaper.

I will upload the image I read for todays strip online in a couple minutes (posting entries to my blog with my cell phone takes an inconvenient toll on my blogging flow)
March 15, 2012

Tags: typography

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