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Censorship in the library. I will explain

In Los Angeles, I've read one or two news articles on how advanced the LAPL web site has become in comparison to other large library systems. I've always felt proud to be a part of it. While I can't take credit, I can be critical and I would like to express my two cents over the quality of music CD s

I'm sure y'all know about the sponsored "freegal" site, which allows card members to download free music. I've gotten some Slayer, cradle of filth, etc. for which I am very thankful. But years ago there had been an issue brought up to the employees about music CDs and DVDs getting caught in people's machines. It was decided it was a result of the heavy labeling the library staff places on the discs. We were ordered to stop doing this. Of course us workerbees stopped and none of the CDs or DVDs we process will contain this labeling add-on.

Sometimes, when the library I work for receives a shipment of new stuff, I have noticed that the music CD discs still come with a heavy label, which indeed still gets stuck in tight slits of machines like car stereos and Mac computer laptop disc drives. It seems the recording studios did not get the memo to stop labeling the discs with additional crap. Freegal, the website that allows free music downloads, is limited in the music collection to choose from (but I did manage to get a rare import of cradle of filth release "Damnation and a day"). The point is, if new CDs, sent directly from the people who are still labeling discs with plastic security labels, that CD, regardless of whether it's not part of the freegal digital collection available for free download, will still get jammed. That's censorship in my book, if only because somebody is too lazy to resend the memo to the recording studios, or whomever is in charge of the excessive labeling.

I went thru the freegal web site looking for some Frank Zappa, which I've never listened to before but have heard of it's popularity among music lovers, only to realize freegal doesn't offer it. That also means, if I find that a library in another part of town has a copy of it, on disc format, it's give or take whether it will contain the security label that would cause it to get stuck in my disc drive.

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