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Not overheard in the library

As many of you may have guessed, my love life is a shambles. Thankfully I still have friends who can set me straight by reminding me about how office/work place affairs always end in disaster. The set up is a normal heterosexual man and a librarian who comes across as a swinger, if only because of his own sexual depravity.

MAN: blah blah blah. Gossip gossip.
WOMAN: yada yada, blah blah blah.
MAN: let's go camping.
WOMAN: yeah, I've always wanted to take son camping. I would like that but I think it should be with a group, like unnamed gal.
MAN: you would have to take charge of that. I'm no good at organizing groups. There will be people at the camping site other than us that we could meet.
WOMAN: yeah. Well as long as son comes. It's a good idea. I haven't been able to meet anyone and my social life sucks right now.
MAN: I'd like to know what became of that Jewish fellow who was hitting on you back on the 4th of July.
WOMAN: Oh him? I blew him off.
MAN: The way you blew me off?
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