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Canned anchovies

Anchovies being fish, you can see my concern over pondering whether I should consume a can that shows an expiration date of October 2009. It must have been a can that got pushed ask the way to the back of the cabinet. The puzzlement is whether an anchovie that old would be detrimental to my health seeing that fish is always a questionable food item when only just a few days old. While it is a fish, it is also a salty fish and salt was one of the methods used for curing meats (that us to say, preservation before refrigerator were invented). I googled a few inquiries like "is it safe to eat expired can of anchovies"? But I found no definite answer online. I thought it would be helpful to post my own answer as I have finished an entire pizza with expired anchovies and I am still here. The anchovies we not a recognizable in the can as they might have been in 2009. I opened a new bottle of red wine so as to disinfect any possibility of salmonella poisoning, as if that would really work. The wine was good, but in my mind ask I could really think about is why I didn't just throw the can out and replace the anchovie intendant with bell peppers or onion.

Lunch was at 2 pm. I had 3 slices. I began to watch the 2nd season of DEADWOOD around 6:30 and started to feel hungry again during episode 6. I poured what was left of the wine into my glass and finished the remaining 4 slices. Dad had helped with the fishiness by eating one slice, for which I'm grateful.

That DEADWOOD! I don't know how I could've missed it. It is turning out to be one of the best mini series I've ever enjoyed during thru. Yes, too bad out was canceled, but what episodes of the show did get made are both fascinating, and often times humorous. I cant wait to see how the series ends in season 3, but I can honestly say that I am hooked.

Although I'm not one to be tolerable of westerns, out may be biased of me to praise this show since the only reason I thought to start watching it is to learn a much a possible of south Dakota before August when I ride out there for the Sturgis state rally.

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