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The lost gospel

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Books I'm reading are The lost gospel at the same time that I'm listening to the book on CD for The husband. I don't know what chapter I'm on in Dean Koontz novel. It's track 28. The lost gospel is a slow read and I had to meditate awhile on the name of the garlic farmer Am Samiah, who is credited for uncovering the catacomb where the gospel of Judas was buried. He died some time in or about, or even after 1978, but the name Am Samiah is not his own. Joanna Landis is the only proof that the farmer/scout admitted to selling the gospel.
      Hey, good news. I'm making some progress in that stupid little screenplay I'm working on, but still no response to my e-mail to news anchor AG. Henry Rollins perked me up a bit in his show where he reads a letter to another reporter, Ann Coulter. Realizing how lame my letter must've sounded, I decided not to write again. Perhaps when something amazing happens and I happen to be in the vicinity of a news crew who wants me to voice my opinion of it, I'll say something like "All this commotion started when word got out that I found my soul mate… yadda yadda yadda."
      I discovered how to embed as explained in the howto community. This is giving me ideas on how to revise a few pages on my home page. I took a break today from guitar practice. I just get to depressed when I gotta clean house. It's not so much that it tires me out—I do a minimal cleaning job—it's more like reality takes the form of a wall that I'm headed for a collision with if I don't stop.
      I'm the first to admit I live in a fantasy world. The illustration was supposed to be something that would link the idea of web browser's home page, a.k.a. default page. Is it a coincidence that some browsers have an icon of a home in the tool bar to reload the default page? Is it my imagination, or is there a bit of confusion in the term for a browser's start-up website. Then, god forbid, I wanted to relate the whole idea with San Andreas fault and how people who live in L.A. may in fact be living on an earthquake fault.

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