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San Diego ride

Went riding yesterday. Distance between here and San Diego H-D is 121 miles. Total miles for the day would calculate as 242. That is slightly less than half of what I would be expected to ride if I were going to make it to Sturgis this summer in three days.

I got a mail in my tire. A screw, to be exact. I think it's close to the time for replacing the rear tire anyway, so it seems pointless to repair it if I'm going to need to get a replacement in August.

I'll call H-D Santa Clarita to ask if they have the tire I want. Then I'll have to take it in on Sunday. I don't have many free days coming up, so this really puts a cramp on my plans for making pizza. Normally, a gas oven pizza would not take so long, but I'm making pizza in a wood for stove these days.

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