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things to do

google searches
  • lookup how to wash my new jeans without putting them in the wash
  • pay my credit card bill online
  • bring home my network adapter
  • finish reading let's ride
  • ✔ throw out the month of january from my day planner; and stash the first half of the next fiscal year somewhere in my desk where it won't get lost since an entire year doesn't fit in the 3-ring binder.
  • download more free tunes from freegal
  • ✔ ask a coworker to spend her lunch with me taking a walk
  • don't eat anything if it isn't chef boyardee lasagna. Ugh
  • make a nifty list of hand tools that you can look for at the swap meet
  • ✔ call dave and see what his plans are for a departure date to Started
    ✔ find aftershave lotion from the art of shaving
    ✔ find a new way to carry credit cards and money since your pants are too tight now

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