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      I found a new book. I'm listening to Dean Koontz novel on CD, but I'm so bent on listening to tunes on the short commute to work that I pause the story and put something on and kind of reflect on the turn of events. It's sorta like intermission/background suspense music for a silent film. The Husband is much more interesting than the other book I was reading. What was it? Hmn, Iris (something) was the author. Oh yeah, wasn't it Fire dreams? Happy ending. They all live happily ever after. Morals to the story are: Don't drink the water in tropical islands.
      This poor guy's life in Koontz novel is altered when his wife is kidnapped and held for ransom. He doesn't know where she is, and the captors suggest that he move out of his home and live in a motel somewhere so he can focus without emo distraction on how he'll raise the ransom money. I know what the word hallow means, but when I'm listening to it as part of the lyrics to a song, being of a simple mind, I don't reflect on the song's true meaning. Hallowed ground sounds a lot like hollowed ground and the poor guy who can't locate his wife, much less rescue her, must deal with the idea that she'll be dead somewhere in a place where her husband cannot mourn for her. Deep?
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