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Tree trimming

2nd February, 2012 © blanket sin – "Tree trimming"

Today is my late shift at work. It seems my metabolism is back to normal. But I don't have much of an appetite for my normal routine. I have to pick up some via, so I've been breakfasting with tea. I had a bowl of cereal instead. I sprinkled blackberries on top and they tasted grrrreat! I don't know what flavor special K I'm eating. It tastes of honey and nuts, too sweet if you ask me. The blackberries neutralizes the sugar.

Since my work day starts at 11:40, I only get a dinner break. Since the work environment here is very casual, I'm not stuck with taking my dinner at 4 or 5. The rules governing us clerical folk is we must have worked at least one hour before a break can be taken. I went to McDonalds at about 2:30. You can call it a lunner, since I won't be eating again until I get out of here, but I'm marking this down as a late lunch. If I'm hungry at 8:30, I'll make a sandwich or just have another bowl of cereal and yummy blackberries.


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