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Jfc! I just lost the text for my email to Petra

And I freaking typed it on my phone. It's always doubly frustrating when I type anything on my phones touch pad, even if I am using swype. When files started crashing without the courtesy of at least storing a backup of the last time I saved it, that's when it's time to re-evaluate the software that caused the problem. Freaking ay!

I have aol's mobile email software to thank this time. I've been stuck for content and had a draft saved in the draft folder for editing later. Last night I felt like I had enough yack in me to tweak my letter and send it on it's merry fucking way. Then I get a message about something, idunno what. Next thing I know, my phone is asking me if I want to send an error report or force quit. I go to drafts, empty. Igoto sent, empty. I goto every freaking folder to try to hunt down any possibility that I can find my text and back it up on a manual typewriter, but there isn't a smidgen of it even in the trash. This electronic age blows.

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