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Mildred is an acrobat

Mildred is a green iguana. I got her for $30 at petco in Pasadena. She got lost for 26 days as I didn't have the terrarium housing properly covered. I can see here how she managed to escape back then when what I had as cover was a grill.

When I found her, I wasnt really looking for her a much as I was just going through my junk. She found a cozy little spot in my stereo component. I wasn't sure I would be able to rehabilitate her. God knows was she was using for food.

I'm concerned now how I'm going to expand her habitat. Various sites online suggest building a cage that is six feet high. I've got something in mind that I found instructions for and I'm only waiting a few months more before I get started on the building process. It should make for some interesting updates to this blog.

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