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I had a banana for breakfast. That is it. I even forgot to make myself a coffee.

Right now, I'm eating a red vine. I'm not all that hungry. Not for food, at least. I might still be able to stomach a coffee so I don't fall asleep while at the customer service counter. hmm? Is it customer service or public service when the counter in question is the library? I dunno.

My assigned desk duty is 2.5 hrs. That means I won't be free to even consider eating until 3PM.  I remember how the retired Co-worker use to warm up her TV dinners and poke at it when she would get a chance; a slow spell between patrons checking out, returning or what not. Crazy. I read some where's that red vines are good for preventing stomached ulcers.

I cant bring myself to leave my food to get cold in the break room while I eat it one bite at a time in the span of 2.5hrs. The candy is perfect for this. speaking of candy… yesterday I was googling places like death valley nuts and candy in Beatty, except here in LA, where I can buy some pumpkin seeds. Any suggestions?


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