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abandoned pick up truck

A truck was ticketed by my house because it was parked on the side of the street scheduled for street cleaning. I called the 311 info line to request that the car be towed. A parked car which has been left on the street for 72 hours can be subject for towing, which is scary. I mean, I keep my car parked in the driveway for Weeks at a time without use. Wouldn't it be chaotic to find that somebody called parking enforcement to have my car towed if I was parked in the street for 72 hours without moving it.

Street cleaning is on Friday. That means I can leave my car parked for four days before having to move out to avoid a street cleaning ticket. Who would do such a thing, though. That's like calling the pound about a neighbors dog that managed to get out of the house without a leash, instead of contracting the neighbor to let him know. Picking up a dog from the pound gets expensive.

So, there is another car that practices parking in the street with it's bumper protruding into my driveway. This makes pulling out of my driveway difficult, especially since I usually us my car when it's still dark out. I've decided to start calling parking enforcement on the car whenever this occurs. If it wasn't for having my driveway blocked last week, I would've closed the gate to my driveway before driving away and avoided the dog from getting loose, captured by the dog pound, and paying nearly $200 to get him out.

I've read online that people are able to fight their tickets and win; so I'm considering making requests to get said car towed. Towing a car for something a minor as number protruding into my driveway send excessive, but I don't want to be the one responsible for dinging a nice new Cadillac.

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