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A paperless society

Just got back from the Americana. I got my flick on with Haywire. Not bad. I'm sure there's some potential in the story to merit a comparison with next Weeks Kill list. What I am liking about kill is that there is a librarian involved in the plot. Ooh. Sounds like something bound to hit home

Got home and realized I was hungry for a beer. I had originally planned to order a quick burger at the bar, but there wasn't space to sit. It reminded me of Rainbow all over again, 'cept on a Friday night. Today is Sunday, right? Of course. I have to work tomorrow, don't i? I was kind of entertaining the idea of going to Mohawk Bend, then call in sick tomorrow with a bad case of diarrhea. I can never select the right beer to drink at that place.

I managed to get a table here at Masa; So I'm going to wait for the 40 minute deep dish classic pizza. Mushrooms and something else that's veggie. Masa of echo park is so homey. Sure, they only have four beer to choose from, but at least I don't make myself sick.

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