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The dog

The landlords dog, a cocker spaniel, ran away from home this week. It took off when I left the gates open to go do laundry while it was still dark out. I don't normally leave the gates open, but I did this time for two reasons. First, there's been numerous times that the landlord says to me that his dog, copper, is so disciplined that it knows not to wander off, and so, I should leave the gates open whenever the landlord is at home. Well since he happens to be an early riser, when I'm leaving to go do my laundry at Lucy's, his bedroom light is already on; so I figure, leave the gate open. The landlord is at home.

The second reason is that somebody has been parking on the street with their bumper well into my driveway, and because backing the truck out in the dark means I risk dinging that car, I had to pull straight out of the driveway without stopping to close the gate. When I do stop, I lock my tires to a slab of curb inside the driveway. However, because that means leaning to one side of the driveway, the side that somebody is protruding their bumper, it makes backing out impossible.

Okay, so where was I? The dog got out because of this and I end up paying nearly $200 of back licensing fees to get the dog out of doggy prison. Does that make Copper a rescue? Anyway, if there is a way to request a car to be towed for merely protruding their bumper two inches into my driveway, that is exactly what I'm going to do next time. Try to be a nice guy, and if I scratch the car while backing out, guess who is going to end up having to pay damages.

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