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Here's something to look forward to until february

Where did I mention this already? Fangoria magazine's February issue contains an article about a foreign film soon to be released. At least I think I'll have an opportunity to see it in theaters come this Feb 3. Kill list was probably shown at a Cannes film festival kind of event back on sept 2, 2011. I find it hard to keep myself abreast on these events, but even if I did make time to go see one or two flicks at an IFC fest, selecting a good one is difficult. Usually, the only thing i have to go on are the short little TV Guide narrative blurbs describing the gist of the plot. I'm not very up to date on which directors/writers to watch out for either, and I still tend to predict a movie's success by whether a name actor is in it.

But try to figure out ahead of time what Kill list will be about, and that might raise a problem. Apparently, it leaves the audience wondering about it for days after they've seen it trying to put the pieces together. That is my kind of movie! Don't worry about coming across too academically intellectual. If it goes over my head, that's my problem. What I need is stimulation because this persona I seem to have grown into just doesn't allow for very much socializing and fun with friends. Sad, I know, but I'm very optimistic that all this solitude will result in one day producing a full length movie. A dream? Perhaps, but it gets me thru the day.
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