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I digress (whatever that means) to overcome the limitations SOPA can instill

So that's where the hidden talent is working. Since watching the short lived TV series from the UK called pulling, I have been looking for new shows with one of the regular characters, Juliet Cowan. Unfortunately she works primarily in TV, for the UK, so the only entertaining shows and sitcoms I'm stuck watching is the crap that gets broadcast in the states. One of the showsI have been trying to finda stream sure for is phoneshop, butI admit I've only been interested in the episodes that Juliet is in which aren't many. Season 2 episode 1 is what I'm interested in, but so far I've only managed to finda decent copy of the last half of that episode.

These links don't work very well, but it's where I managed to copy

clip_2These naratives may contain some sort of spoiler.

Here Shelley is trying to get Janines attention as she raves about how much she misses her ex-boyfriend(husband)
clip_3You know how I say women look attractive when they swear, well Juliet Cowan has a short dialog where she really seems to be boiling over. I didn't clip that scene because, well, I feel something should be left for surprise.
clip_4Completely shit-faced girls sitting at the bottom of the steps after a night of wild drinking.

clip_5It is mostly Shelley doing all the talking in these scenes. She really wants to confide in Janine who happens to work with her ex at the PhoneShop, played by Martin Trenaman.
clip_6Just before her scene, Emma Frye makes eye contact with Shelley in the form of understanding where it is she is coming from.
clip_7I guess it must've been all the mushy talk about love that makes her nauseous.

It's probably important to note that the links below are sluggish result in pop-ups galore. Don't fall for sites promising to stream the episode after you've taken their survey. That's a waste of time.
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