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Good news about vanillasite

It just goes to show you, it pays off to be persistent. I finally managed to re-install my vanilla site. Although I haven't worked out the kinks, the main program is ready to receive my entries and keep them organized for me.

There is a problem with the vanity linking the URL to my Localhost but I can still access the bliki by entering

Also, I have to put all the backed up files where they should be so that everything looks the way I had left them before the computer went into a coma. The CSS files, the old entries, the user accounts and passwords. I guess I have my hands full for the next several Weeks.

I'm just glad I didn't have to miss the games this weekend. None of the teams I thought would win won. I noticed this losing streak last week when the saints lost to the 49ers in such a peculiar way. I have concluded that I just don't have a favorite team that's going to the superbowl this year. But I was fortunate enough to see the team I dislike the most lose, back when the cowboys were still in a wildcard. Anyway, I enjoy the game and watching grown men kick and holler when they are celebrating a touchdown is still more entertaining than baseball or anything else. Whoever wins wins. Where is New England, anyway?
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