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I feel like a drinking binge is brewing

Poetry is great reading. I've always considered it as compressed philosophy because once you figure out what the poet is trying to say in the few words he has to work with, it is the equivalent, I guess, of drilling a hole in your head. It alleviates pressure and makes things better.

writing from the heart is something I've never had a knack for. Thank goodness I'm not bitten by the poetry bug too often. But the way it feels is far different from reading a good poem. Writing about deeply felt emotions is one thing. When you're done, somebody says "isn't that supposed to rhyme?" Even if those words come from the writer himself, it's plain to see that good poetry should rhyme one way or another. That's where the drinking starts.

So I distance myself from that kind of torture now. I just don't have the concentration to do it, nor the kidneys and liver to tolerate such a life style. And as a result, a lot of pent up emotions never find their way onto paper, the way I would prefer things to be; and I realize comparing heavy metal, especially the thrash metal I've become partial to, with ballads is wrong in so many ways. That's not me out there body slamming in the pit. I enjoy watching bands play their songs because I can see how hard writing music must be and, as far as thrash metal goes, twice as hard when it's misunderstood by the masses. Watching slam dancers enjoy a live concert by throwing themselves every which way is awesome.

Some people seem very uptight about hard rock. One moment they criticize heavy metal for it's evil connotations, violent suggestions, etc., and the next moment they go out to see a movie with the same kind of evil, violence and profanity.

I thought I should take a moment to describe my favorite music. Loud, obnoxious, killer in my face songs that describe conviction, mistakes and regret. My life in a nutshell? Not really, but you gotta admit, so many songs have been remixed with real orchestration. It's as if the only thing preventing acceptance of it is time.

Maybe broadcast radio is simply biding time while the old fogeys who still appreciate 50's tunes disintegrate. Hard core head bangers still get their favorite songs on the radio by subscribing to sirius radio. It's all about the money, the time and electing a long haired committed rocker for president. None of the candidates look good to me, and I've had enough of the pop/rap loving prez currently running the country.  I wonder sometimes whether people would think, if the world were about to end, that heavy metal is directly to blame for it.

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